10 Billionaires Behind Bars


A lot of people in society make mistakes and end up on the wrong side of the law. Normally the people that do are the ones that don’t have a lot at stake or don’t have any connections to the police department. You would typically expect those with billions of dollars to be able to avoid jail time, and in most cases, you would be right.

Once in a great while, Johnny Law doesn’t care how much you are worth and how much you are willing to throw around to avoid prison. The Taxman also doesn’t care, and he’s going to get his money either way. Not all billionaires are built the same— some of them have gone to jail for cheating people out of millions of dollars, while others just got too drunk and made the bad decision to drive. Somehow, there is a billionaire on this list who could have easily afforded his own limo company ten times over and yet still decided to drive home drunk.

We found 10 billionaires that have been sent to jail for the kind of bad behavior that you would expect from someone with a negative net worth. These guys (yes, men only on this list) fought the law and the law won! What did they all do to make the law so mad? Check out this list to see what these billionaire bad boys did to get themselves behind bars.

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