15 Offensive Things Americans Do Abroad


When traveling abroad, the last thing we Americans want to do is offend the locals. That’s easier said than done. It’s nat as simple as just saying “please” and “thank you,” and not telling ethnic jokes about the local population. It is shockingly easy for Americans to accidentally offend locals in a foreign country. Some of the most simplest hand gestures that are harmless in in the U.S. can get you punched in the face or even thrown in jail is other countries. Before you jump on that plane to head anywhere outside of the U.S. take a look at this list to know what not to do.


Giving the A-OK sign In the United States, this hand signal means “A-OK” or “everything is alright”. In Brazil and Germany, it means “a-hole.” It is an insulting gesture and may provoke a fight between you and whoever you flash it to. It may also have unwanted connotations in France, Venezuela, and Turkey. Over there flashing that sign means you are into same sex relations. Remember everything is not “A-OK” in other countries.

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