15 People Took Their Dogs On Planes And It Turned Out To Be Just Perfect!

It's like they're not even dogs!

Plane travel is usually pretty awful. It’s stressful, boring, uncomfortable, and it can take a very long time. What could possibly make traveling via plane any better? Bringing your best friend with you, of course! Some people have friends, though, that aren’t exactly “people”. What do you do if your best friend in the entire world is a dog? Fear not!

You can take your dog on the plane with you, and what’s even better than that, is that dogs on planes look even more adorable than dogs on the ground (even more adorable than dogs in a CAR). If your neighbor happens to be a dog-lover like you, then you’ll have brightened their trip, too.

And that is just priceless. So now, sit back and scroll through some images here of the cutest dogs to ever travel through the sky, and wonder, like I do, if the Wright brothers ever saw this one coming!

This dog has his boarding pass ready to go!


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