25 People Who Lied On Social Media And Got Caught Red-Handed Almost Immediately!

Dang... I bet that burns.

Social media is great, it really, really is. You can keep in touch with family and friends, and altogether using it can make you feel a whole lot closer to the world around you. Another benefit to social media is that a lot of people use it for pretty stupid things, like making up lies and stories to make themselves look good, and when these lies are exposed it can be pretty hilarious for the rest of us. Here we’ve got everything from fake paintings to fake breakfast photos.

So, take a scroll through these images, mostly of Facebook fibs, and feel free to laugh out loud as you see these lies debunked. And remember: Just use social media to take pictures of your desert like everyone else. There’s no reason to get all elaborate about it.

Why even lie about that?


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