5 Ugliest Shoes Ever Made

You wouldn't want to be caught wearing these shoes!

5. Reebok ATV 19



Ever get the urge that your shoes provided a little too much stability? If so, the Reebok ATV 19s may be the choice for you. The strange projections that act as the sole look like an easy way to sprain your ankle while still attaining that futuristic moon shoe-esque look that no one goes for. Best of all? It comes in “I just dropped a paint can” yellow or “Tell-e-Tubby Swiss Cheese.”


4. Adidas Kobe 1


Ever look at your toaster and think, “I want that on my feet?” Thanks to the silver Kobe 1’s, now you can walk down the street in style and make your morning toast.*
* The Kobe 1 is not actually a toaster.


3. Men’s Uggs


The ideal shoe for when you want your feet to be mistaken for a woman’s.


2. Nike Sneakerboot


Napoleon Dynamite meet Chris for $140. Thrift shop look, brand new price.


1. Crocs


No explanation needed.





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