9 Celebs Who Nearly Lost Their Minds When They Didn’t Get Awards For Their Performance!

That escalated quickly.

Losing is hard for some people, and if you’re a sore loser, you can be sure that you’ll catch a lot of flack for it. But no one is a sore loser like a celebrity is. It’s not just that they can have over-inflated egos or constant pressure to perform well, but when they don’t take a loss as best they could, EVERYONE hears about it. So, with that in mind, let’s get down to it. Here are nine celebrities who might need a lesson in sportsmanship.

1. Drake


He lost the Best New Artist award to Justin Bieber back at 2010’s MTV Video Music Awards. He was caught on camera saying, “I knew it. I knew it.” But apparently the two have made their peace since then.

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