This Baby Has No Idea She Becomes A Dress-Up Queen When She’s Fast Asleep!

Now that is very creative!

For new parents, nap time can be a magical thing. It’s hard to get any real work when your baby is awake, so when he or she goes down for a little while, you can finally be productive. However, for Laura Izumikawa, nap time productivity involves her baby. The four month old Joey Marie Choi has become an Internet sensation thanks to the work that she does during nap time.

What work is that? Well, she models! Laura dresses her baby up in all kinds of silly outfits, from a Pikachu costume to one that looks like a piece of sushi, and she posts pictures of these silly looks on her Instagram page. To Laura’s page, she quickly gained 30,000 followers!

She said that at first all that attention directed towards her baby frightened her a bit, but she eventually decided to keep the project going after hearing about how much other mothers appreciated the photos and how they shared the pictures with their own kids. Now that the anticipation has risen so much, why don’t we take a look at some of these pictures of the now-famous Joey Marie Choi?

Here she is dressed as the one and only Rihanna!


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