Have You Ever Been To Shanghai’s Disneyland? This Will Blow Your Mind!

It's an awesome place to be!

So, have you heard about the new Disney park that’s opened? That’s right, Disney Shanghai is in business, and in case you had any doubts, let me dispel them for you right now: It is incredible. There’s all sorts of new rides and characters on display, so even if you’ve been to Disney a hundred times, Disney Shanghai will be sure to pack in plenty of surprises for you.

Everyone knows that Disney parks are huge, so you’re going to want to have your priorities straight when you arrive. To help out with that, here’s a list of the top rides to add to your “don’t miss” list.

1. TRON Lightcycle Power Run


You read that right. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the adrenaline and blazing high speeds of TRON’s famous lightcycles, here’s your chance. This ride takes things indoors and outdoors, and it goes at such blazing speeds that you might just feel like your flying free of any support.

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