Why Hollywood won’t cast Brendan Fraser anymore

There was a time when actor Brendan Fraser was starring in multiple movies regularly. Those days are long, long gone. Where did it all go wrong for the Indianapolis-born actor? Let’s count the ways Dudley Do-Right started doing so little. Watch our original vid above or read on below, and toss us a sub on YouTube for endless entertainment.


Bombing at the box office

2010 was a rough year for Fraser and may have been the reason he’s become persona non grata in Hollywood. In the span of just two months, Fraser starred in not one, but two box office disasters. The first, the medical drama Extraordinary Measures, features Fraser teaming up with Harrison Ford to develop a drug to help fight a life-threatening disease. As is typically the case with movies released in January, Extraordinary Measures was universally panned by critics, many of whom felt it belonged on the small screen. Audiences balked as well; the film earned just $12 million throughout its theatrical run, off a $31 million budget.

Three months later, Fraser was at the front of an even bigger bomb, Furry Vengeance. Compared to Extraordinary Measures, Furry Vengeance performed about the same at the box office; it grossed $17.6 million off a $35 million budget. Unfortunately for Fraser, the film was universally ripped to shreds by critics; it currently sits with an 8 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Hang in there, Brendan!

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